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Where we may differ on questions of mere party politics none can deny that today hundreds of thousands of our fellow countrymen are denied the necessities of life, while literally millions are denied the amenities. We can also agree that responsibility for this rests with those who slavishly abide by a system, which by virtue of existing conditions must be condemned as both incompetent and corrupt.


Who among us contemplating the ever-growing army of immigrants coming to Britain can but agree that the old order must go, and that nothing short of a revolutionary change is needed to give the people the country they demand.


It is merely when we approach the method and nature of the change that we find ourselves in opposing camps. Yet the very fact of the existence of opposing camps serves to perpetuate the evils we desire to abolish and it is only by fostering division and hatred among the people that the system we all know to be rotten thrives.


Our core aims are the same but due to disunity can never be realised. The old ‘nationalist’ parties have had their day destroyed by infighting along with a lack of both discipline and loyalty, banished to the very fringe of the political world. Forming new parties is not the answer; it is the whole system that has to be challenged and changed, and to do that we must build a movement to take our message to the people.


That movement is New British Union, disciplined, organised, dedicated, a movement that understands the meaning of loyalty and honour, a movement that will succeed.


Gary Raikes

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