The Ideals Of Fascism

Fascism is a word that has been corrupted by history repeatedly, to the point that the masses are unsure how to accurately define Fascism. Fascism came to prominence in the 20th century in Europe, beginning in Italy under Mussolini, who was ideologically inspired by the historic glory of the Roman Empire and its conquests. True Fascist ideals and policies are focused around the State, defining its function such that everyone under its banner contributes to the strength and glory of the nation.

All members who respect their nature-given roles within the Fascist state and carry out their duties will prosper - both flourishing in their personal endeavours, and too lifting up the nation so that the British people may be proud of their homeland. A true Fascist state resolves economic and social malaise by presenting a glorious vision of its nation's future, commonly-accepted by the masses to be a vast improvement from current conditions, such that all people will come together - transcending class lines and cultural differences - to work for the benefit of each other.

Fascism has and always will continue to endorse a mixed economy, of private and public sectors, each controlled by the workers and employers within certain fields via syndicates. Syndicalism will strengthen the domestic markets, allowing individuals to be creatively enterprising, and simultaneously facilitating supreme efficiency within the public sector, which shall be without worry of governmental mis-management and austerity. Fascism thus promises to be a generator of great wealth within Britain. A regenerated Fascist State promotes economic modernism with substantial subsidies for technology and science.

The ideals of Fascism, with the British spirit being preeminent above all else, help to raise the moral and physical standards throughout all walks of life; this enables discipline and good health - both mental and physical - for all within the state. Let us not forget that that Fascism teaches us that individuals cannot be strong if the nation is not strong itself. It is when the nation is not strong and not healthy that deviant or unnatural behaviour becomes commonplace. Such weakness drags down a healthy and proud State.

 In a true Fascist state all races are accepted!

This has always been the case with Fascism and must never be forgotten, because bastardized and warped derivatives of Fascism - such as National Socialism - have a doctrine of genetic purity of races, and are indeed driven by focus on purity of race. This does not and never has applied to Fascism.

I started this article citing the founder of Fascism as Mussolini; it is to his State that we must look for an example when discussing the issue of race. Let us then consider the founding nation of Fascism. In Italy, the great majority of the years of Fascist rule welcomed all races living in the country; many of these peoples were members of the Fascist party. It must be remembered that the ideal Fascist State embraces all who believe in and work for the nation and for Fascism no matter their race, for we are not National Socialists.

I would like to end this article with a brief quote written in 1932 by Mussolini, which exemplifies the core of Fascist ideals:

“The Fascist State, the highest and most powerful form of personality, is a force, but a spiritual force, which takes over all the forms of the moral and intellectual life of man. It is the form, the inner standard and the discipline of the whole person; it saturates the will as well as the intelligence. Its principle, the central inspiration of the human personality living in the civil community, pierces into the depths and makes its home in the heart of the man of action as well as of the thinker, of the artist as well as of the scientist; it is the soul of the soul. Fascism, in short, is not only the giver of laws and the founder of institutions, but the educator and promoter of spiritual life. It wants to remake, not the forms of human life, but its content, man, character, faith. And to this end it requires discipline and authority that can enter into the spirits of men and there govern unopposed. Its sign, therefore, is the Fasces, the symbol of unity, of strength and justice.”

William Mitford

N.B.U. Education Officer

The Fascist States of Britain

Corporatism has never been given a fair trial. Mussolini never totally implemented corporatism, nor did Salazar. A problem we have today is that language has been so confused by the misuse of terms it is becoming ever harder to know exactly what some people are talking about when they use terms like "Fascism" and "corporatism". Most liberals who speak today speak of corporatism as a government that is under the influence or control of big business corporations. However, such a thing is simply nothing to do with what corporatism means.

The essence of corporatism is simply a different way of organising representation in government. The corporatist model in its pure form means that governmental representation is grouped on occupational lines, such as farmers, teachers, industrialists, labourers and so on. This is the most just way of governing the nation, as it affords people of great experience the direct opportunity to affect the course of policy within their occupational field. Let us not forget the words of Corneliu Codreanu: 

“Democracy makes it impossible for a statesman to do his duty. A statesman of the greatest goodwill becomes, in a democracy, the slave of his supporters; he either satisfies their personal appetites or they destroy his backing. The statesman lives under the tyranny and the permanent threat of the electoral agent.”

We have become too used to using the democratic system that we fall into the trap of believing that change will only come about by using this system. This system let us not forget is used and sponsored by the very forms of politic that we wish to see the end of, they are invested in one another no matter how much they show us they are at odds with one another they are invested so deeply with one another that they need the democratic system to function to survive, it is for all intense and purposes a corrupt and dying system and one that Fascism has never needed.

Fascism is and always has been a revolutionary thought in mind and heart, it strikes at the very heart of the system of government that has been holding back the nation for so long it defies everything that democracy and it system of voting stands for. There is not one instance of a true fascist government coming to power through the use of the ballot box and that is the way it should always be today especially. Fascism is not suited for the ballot box it is not democratic it is not designed for it to be that way; it is and will always remain a revolutionary thought and practice. Let me be very clear so as not to be misunderstood, when we say Fascist we mean Fascist we can not count the National Socialist rise to power in Germany as they were NOT Fascist, they were National Socialists, and held to a very different creed. With this in mind it is true to say that there has never been a system of Fascist government that has achieved the power of government in and through the ballot box, many have tried and many have failed including the great Oswald Mosley, he tried and he failed. Sir Oswald might have very well polled some great numbers in the east end of London and in some other areas of the country and he might very well have had support from lots of people but when it came to the time for them to vote they voted safe and in great numbers.

This is because Fascism was never meant to be won by way of the ballot box then or even now. Sure we might post great numbers in some areas and we might get seats on come councils but attaining the highest legislative body in this or any other country comes through revolution and nothing else. The great Mussolini the founding Father of modern fascism knew this and didn’t even entertain the idea of voting more than once, his whole aim was to seize power through the collective will of the people and he did when the black shirts marched on Rome on October 22 - 29 1922. And while the march on Rome only consisted of 30,000 men they had taken most of the strategic points of the city leaving the king to choice but to begin talks. Fascist Italy was born not from a coordinated plan to win at the ballot box but though a coordinated mass of people to bring down the government, it was in essence a revolution.

In Spain the same can said although the circumstances were slightly different, Franco took control of the armies of Spain and merged all of the monarchist and right-wing parties together forming one single unified fighting force and political system although the Spanish quest for fascist rule came at a high price of civil war the point is at no point was the fascist ticket on a any ballot paper, in fact those parties in Spain that did go to the ballot box and win elections became so corrupt that the army and the nationalist rose up to stop it and then turned to the monarchist and the fascist to bring down the socialist movement and then sparking of the civil war.

We need to ask ourselves what is it that we are doing. We need to look in the mirror and take a long hard look at ourselves and ask what we want. Do we want to gain the fascist state or are we doing all this for our own self aggrandisement? To look good to those political elites in Westminster? What are we really doing? Our role should be to establish the fascist state and do all that is necessary for that to be accomplished. I know that it will not come through the ballot box but it will only come through revolution or separation. Please hear me out. I am not asking for us to start a war in our own land but I am asking us to look at another way of obtaining that which we all want a fascist state and if that is all we want then it can be done without the ballot box and it might at the very last come down to civil war but knowing our governments love for peace and calm I see that we can receive what we want without the need for that action.

So let us remind ourselves of the words of the great Corneliu Codreanu when he said ‘Democracy makes it impossible for a statesman to do his duty. A statesman of the greatest goodwill becomes, in a democracy, the slave of his supporters; he either satisfies their personal appetites or they destroy his backing’

With that in mind let us look at what has happened over the course of the previous elections. We have seen the downfall of our nation and its democratic system, our nation as we know it no longer exists, not really. The very reason that democracy exists is for the people to speak, for their voice to be heard, but as is so often the case this voice has gone unheard for far too long in this country. The majority of people didn’t turn out to vote in the most recent European and council elections in fact the actual percentage of people that turned out was less than 31% this is because they feel that politics has no place in their lives, they believe that the people who set themselves up to run our lives have failed them and that they do not listen to the voice of the people. The people have concerns about a great many things, much of it to do with joblessness and the economy, but many have not been heard on issues such as immigration and the safety and the security of our borders. It would seem that no matter how many times the people speak out and no matter how many times the politicians stand and say ‘We have heard you and we feel your pain’ they never act in the interests of the people. This argument can be said for both of the main political parties in this country, no matter who resides in power at number ten Downing Street it always ends the same in disappointment and failure. Do not be fooled in to thinking that the success enjoyed by UKIP will end any differently. They have yet to gain a seat in the power house that matters, Westminster, and come the general election next year I don’t see that narrative changing, we have a two party system that holds all the power and that will never change, it will go back and forth to and fro until it falls in ruins or we fall with them. No matter how successful the little party is they will never hold the rein of real power in this country because the system is loaded for them to fail. This is why I stand by the belief that democracy has failed and its system is broken and no longer represents the people of this country and therefore no longer represents a growing larger part of its population. Our country is gone, we are to far down the road of ruin and destruction for this to be turned around and so we need a new approach, we need a new idea, a radical idea, a revolutionary idea.

Secession is that revolutionary idea and the wave of the future; it is our call and must be our answer to the tyranny that today oppresses us. After Lithuania seceded, the Soviet Union broke apart into the separate nations which had been forcibly yoked together under communism. Eastern Europe, formerly under Soviet hegemony, has also seen new nation states emerge from ancient nationalities. Today we see this come to the fore again with the Crimea breaking away from the Ukraine, and the eastern part of that country wanting independence, which in its self has raised a new question, do the western powers want free and independent states? Do they value the rights of those that wish to break away form the status quo? The answer as we have seen in the Crimea is No! And with the continuing war in the east of Ukraine with the world powers interfering and trying to affect the outcome the answer there also remains No! But it still remains the right of all men to choose whom they should be ruled by or how they should be ruled.

The Encyclopaedia of the Stateless Nations describes no fewer than 350 nations without states! To be listed, the nation must have:-

1) A flag;

2) A sense of identity as a special people; and

3) An organization(s) working to achieve a greater degree of recognition and autonomy, including, for many, nation-state status itself.

The corrupt Parliamentary Government of Great Britain and the Federal European Unelected body has been so busy stealing our rights for their own power and control that unless there is a real revolution in this country, or a swift and successful secessionist movement, Britain will simply be strangled to death by our enemies and their Politically Correct sponsors the E.U until we finally choke on our own vomit. We have lost our way. We are no longer a traditional Judeo–Christian nation and we thumb our nose at God by killing millions of innocent people and babies every year while we embrace multiculturalism, and the right of women to choose. In doing this we are inviting the worship of many religions and Gods into our land denuding the base upon which our nation was built and upon which it should stand and that is Christianity and the British heritage. Our children indeed many of our adults have become lost in a crowd, we do not know who we are, what we are and from where we came, the heritage that was once so costly fought over has been destroyed not by aeroplanes and bombs but by constant immigration and that holocaust will be the most costly in history if we stand by and continue to do nothing.

Rest assured that there will be much posturing and much call to prayer by our leaders when things look grim and the streets run red with the blood of rioters and over crowded housing estates and schools that can no longer take the strain, but in the end we all will suffer the same consequences if we keep on this track, Britain will be defeated. The only question is how long will it take? Do not delude yourself the end is coming and it is coming at such a rate we can no longer afford to site back and do nothing.

With this in mind we boldly state that what we need is our own fully independent nation where we can mould our own laws and our own national interest, in short we need to start again. In that need for our own nation we should fight for and gain our own seceded nation, let it be understood that the fight for freedom and independence is the right of every man and the right for which we should be fighting with all our might. I am saddened to hear Englishmen apologise for fighting to preserve our inheritance. Those who will not fight for the graves of their ancestors are beyond redemption. We need to realise that secession is our right; it is our right and the right of every Englishman to demand secession from the Union when that Union stops serving the purpose of its people. Every man should endeavour to understand the meaning of subjugation before it is too late... It means the history of this heroic Nation will be written by the enemy, that our youth will be trained by Socialist liberal and foreign schoolteachers, will learn from Socialist liberal and foreign school books their version of the Nation, they will be impressed by the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our History as fit objects for derision... It should be shouted that freedom is all we are fighting for, and if we give it up we give up all. However we need to realise that freedom is not all our enemies are fighting for. It is merely the pretence to establish sectional superiority and a more liberal, Socialist and Foreign form of government, and to deprive us of our rights and liberties.

The creation of a free state is needed now more than ever a state that represents the real needs of people, a state that can deliver on Jobs and security and on strength. For years now people on the right of politics in the UK have been trying to bring about a change in the nation, but for the majority that change has not come, in fact it has got worse rather than better. The rights of the large majority of people within the nation of England have been largely forgotten and you could say deliberately trodden underfoot for the minority. Political Parties such as The BNP the National Front the defunct British Freedom Party who joined with the EDL which is its self now useless have to their best efforts been engaged in a great work to try and bring change, but they are left largely unfulfilled due to the unfair and biased situation of the system that they are working in, the democratic system will never work for us, it is not designed for us and it will never allow us the great success we need. Their efforts have failed to yield any real change although they all in their own way have paved the way for change to be instituted in the country they have still largely gone unrewarded with success and this looks unlikely to change unless they approach the problem with a new fresh approach.

The views of the majority of working and middle class people have been ignored in favour of the politically correct minority, that includes those that have come to this country to rob us of our heritage and nation such as the Islamic threat that now looms large over our nation’s and others. It looms over the world to such an existent that unless checked now will cause unprecedented problems in the coming years. I think that the struggle has worn thin for many people, many have given up and they think that we can’t change the system, and to be fair to them they are right, we can’t change this political system, to much water has passed under our historical bridge for that to change. No real change has come about, but this is not the fault of the political parties mentioned above, it is the fault of the nation and the system they are trying to fight we have been marginalised and forgotten. Our voices are lost amid the drone of the PC minority and with our history it will always be the same no matter how many times the conservatives and the Labour leaders say that they wish to change the multicultural melting pot it will stay the same, and we are lost within that argument ever sidelined. Don’t get me wrong I am not racist but I believe that if a man comes to this country his allegiance must be to this country and nothing else, he must learn to adapt to our way of life and not we to his, this has not been the case for many years and because we have been to soft we are now fighting a war that is beyond our capabilities to win, and so we must change tack, we must evolve and embrace the ideas of fascism as they were intended to be. We are revolutionary and we must start to think likes fascists.

It is for this reason that it is now time that we do what others before us have done when they could not make their voices heard, they separate themselves from the corrupt and destructive nature of the nation that they inhabited. It is for this reason that I propose that we do the same. I propose that we form a new nation out of the old, like the phoenix rising from the ashes of the old. This new nation will be the Fascist States of Britain. The FSB will be a wholly separate and independent nation with its own laws and freedom to mould the lives of its individuals as it sees fit. I proclaim that it is time that a struggle must take place for the freedom of our heritage and what can be more worthy than that? Are we to sit back year after year and see our nation increase in debt and joblessness and become swamped even more than we already are by the countless numbers of peoples coming to this country? Are we going to stand by as our nation follows the rest of Federal Europe in to the abyss of Socialism and ruin, I for one say no, its time for revolutionary action, it is time for Fascist action.

William Mitford

NBU Education Officer



Published in the Jewish Economic Forum August 1933

The British Union of Fascists is not anti Semitic. Attacks on Jews in any shape or form were strictly forbidden within a month after the movement was launched. This order has been loyally obeyed by all the members. The few who did not agree to do so were excluded from the movement.

Fascism stands for religious and racial tolerance.

If a Jew is associated with communism or the financial policy which we are up against, we shall fight him not as a Jew but as an opponent.

We have no quarrel with Jews as Jews, just as we have no quarrel with Catholics as Catholics.

Fascism is in no sense anti-Semitic, and bias for or against the Jews is completely irrelevant to the issues involved in our political creed.

Anti-Semitism was never known in Fascist Italy, and Mussolini has often expressed himself in this sense.

The attacks on the Jews in Germany do not rest on any Fascist principle but are the manifestation of an inherent quality in the German character.

This issue has always arisen in Germany in one form or another in times of crisis. It is foolish to blame Fascism for something that has its source in the mentality of a particular nation, or at least of a considerable section of that nation.

Here in Great Britain Fascism is British through and through. It is backed by the national character, which has never countenanced and always opposed religious and racial persecution.

For many centuries religious and racial tolerance has been part of the British character, and I give my assurance that under Fascism that great tradition will be preserved.

Oswald Mosley


Youth in Britain today is being denied its birthright, the right of labour and to live; it is being sacrificed to the vested interests of the political class - of professional politicians who scratch about like a crowd of clucking old hens in the hope that something will turn up to their advantage in the international field. They do this to divert the attention of the people from the appalling conditions prevalent at home in Britain.

Young British men are unwanted today, they are unwanted because they expect a fair deal in employment and will not accept the low wages being offered to immigrants. All parents, teachers and social workers are having it bought home to them every day the hopelessness of the youngsters future under the present political elites love of enforced multiculturalism.

It is absolutely necessary, if you have their welfare at heart, to reorganise the whole state, socially, industrially and economically. We are tired of the sham democracy cry of 'liberty, fraternity, freedom'. This has landed us in chaos with millions unemployed who have more 'liberty' than men and women ever bargained for.

The unemployed have perfect liberty to do as they please as long as they do not throw a brick through a shop window or accuse immigrants of taking their jobs. The more 'liberty' inscribed in the statue books the less there is in fact. If we are to have effective international action we must first of all have internal national action. We must put our own house in order.

Remember, a State which cannot support its own people cannot expect the support of the people. We have no faith in conservatism, socialism or liberalism, we will have nothing what so ever to do with the evil of communism and will express ourselves only through the spirit of the new age, FASCISM.

Fascism Explained


In the Twentieth Century no set of ideas has been more vilified and misunderstood as that of fascism. Pre-war fascism has been depicted, through the machinations of the social democratic media and countless works of political comment, as a political system based on reactionary oppression ... the antithesis of all that is good and necessary for human advancement. In the present day it appears that its origins have been ignored and it is now employed as an abusive epithet for the purpose of defaming political opponents, most of whom do not deserve it. A degree of blame rests with the perpetual polarisation of politics into battalions of "Left" and "Right", whereby all shades of political thought are considered only in these simple terms.


The purpose of this article is to explore the reasons why fascism does not conveniently fit into the spectrum of "orthodox" politics and to demolish the current misconceptions. Firstly, it is a foolish misnomer to regard authentic fascism as reactionary or "Rightist". In fact, the principal protagonists of the fascist creed in the 1930s, Benito Mussolini in Italy and Sir Oswald Mosley in Britain, were originally from the socialist Left. In Spain, Jose Primo de Rivera, the Falangist leader, upon his incarceration by the Republicans before the Civil War, beckoned his supporters in the Falange Espanol not to join with the traditional conservatives and the Army. Long after Primo de Rivera's death the Falange movement was diluted by Franco and any vestiges of the old revolutionary spirit were eradicated in order to appease the Roman Catholic church and the military. In the post-war era, Juan Peron assumed power in Argentina almost entirely with the support of the workers who are generally considered as the hard core of the Left. Consequently, his brand of fascism was very similar to the pure national socialism of Gregor Strasser in that it was based on the proletariat. By and large, true fascism had little in common with traditional conservatism and all that is encompassed by the "Right" insofar as its exponents were men committed to a new world of social and economic reform on a large scale.


To be properly understood, fascism has to be viewed in the context of that period after the First Great War. Fascism was the product of the horror of 1914/1918. The eruption of 1914 was the consequence of a deep rooted malaise. The apparent tranquility of the civilised world was a very thin veneer over hidden, seething forces. The faith in the Nineteenth Century idea of "progress" had lulled European man into a false sense of security. The First Great War came as a great shock and its effects were spiritually shattering as the great age of "unending progress" was dramatically terminated. That war replaced optimism with pessimism and, in consequence, unleashed all that seethed beneath an old order on its last legs. After that nothing was certain again and the spirit of Europe was thrown into confusion. The old world had failed and the new world of social democracy offered no real certitudes. Those most betrayed by these events were the soldiers from the fighting front who had witnessed the madness of unnecessary butchery and had then returned to another world of prevaricating politicians who lacked the vision and courage to build the "land fit for heroes". Out of the trenches fascism was born. The soldier knew the importance of unity and action and brought this with him into the realm of revolutionary politics.


Fascism was undoubtedly revolutionary. At the same time it differed from the "Left" and, in particular, Marxism in many vital respects. It was anti-materialistic and did not involve a cataclysmic break from man's historic past. The philosophical positions of fascism and Marxism were the most distinctly different. As is well known, Marxism is intolerably and rigidly dogmatic. Very austere communists are inextricably bound by the gospel of Karl Marx, the glosses of Lenin and the maxims of "economic determinism", leaving nothing for free thought or empirical examination. On the other hand, fascism was liberated from dogmatism and its philosophy was one of pragmatism, that is to say, it simply asked if a particular notion could be used and made to work in the interests of the nation. Fascists, like soldiers, do not permit their minds to crystallise around any formulas but simply use them as working hypotheses which, in the event that they become detrimental, are easily discarded. This dynamic pragmatism was fascism's hallmark and genius. With this philosophy fascism protested a revolt against all forms of phrase worship and useless sentimentality which are all inhibitive. The theoretical abstractions of social democracy, "liberty", "equality" and "inalienable rights", were attacked by fascism simply because they were abstractions. They are words without any concrete importance meaning nought. They are used as objects of worship and, therefore, prevent objectivity and creative thought. Within the fascist context the concept of "rights" had meaning only when connected with service and duty, and so fascism emerged as a revolt against the cult of unrealities to become the force for pragmatic realism consistent with the new age of science. 

The Corporate State was an attempt to unite the many factions within society for the purpose of realising the ideal of the all-embracing Organic Nation. It brought an end to sectionalism by emphasising the role of individuals and organisations within the new state machinery. The Corporate State was the catalyst for all the elements within the nation, the ultimate reconciliation of warring factions, for the worthy task of construction and the achievement of ever higher ideals. Far from being an oppression, this central theme of the fascist faith envisaged that only when the nation was free from the internecine struggle of its various elements, class against class and capitalist against worker, could there be true freedom for all. A nation that was not free could not give freedom to the people. 

Fascism was neither "Left" nor "Right" but was a synthesis of ideas above those which existed. "It combines the dynamic urge to change and progress with the authority, the discipline and the order without which nothing great can be achieved", Mosley affirmed in "The Greater Britain". In that phrase can be detected two sentiments which, when separate ideas, are of little consequence. The idea of progress, as Mosley explained, is regarded as belonging to the Left whereas the tradition of order is regarded as belonging to the Right. Progress can not exist without order or stability... and stability can not exist without progress and the need to adapt to a changing world. Separated they bring chaos in a world where action is needed. The fascist synthesis, with characteristic realism, was the only alternative. 

The charge that fascism was coercive is one of those tragic misconceptions which only serves to illustrate the hatred and bitterness of those who despise the heroic and the visionary. The prattle about "dictatorship" emanates from people who prefer the cataleptic inertia of social democracy in contrast to the dynamic will to action of the fascist temperament. The term "dictatorship" is not always synonymous with coercion. By his use of the word "dictatorship" Mosley interpreted this as "leadership" and in the 1930s he explained, "Fascism is not dictatorship in the old sense of that word, which implies government against the will of the people. Fascism is dictatorship in the modern sense of the word, which implies government armed by the people with power to solve problems which the people are determined to overcome'. In order to function and work Fascism depended on the will of the people; without that will there would be no Organic Nation. In this context fascism deviated from Left socialism in that the essence of fascist action was based on leadership and initiative and, in practice, was seen to be the leadership of the people with their popular consent. It had nothing to do with the stifling controls of socialism in this respect, rather fascism tended to lead and only intervene when any section threatened the interests of the organic whole. 

The tragedy of fascism was that it was not given a chance to blossom. A second disastrous war with all the hysteria and propaganda blurred a lot of the truth. Fascism should be remembered for its dynamism, its heroism and its vision during a time when something new was desperately needed to save man from self destruction. Fascism faced the facts of the pre-war world; and now we face the facts of a world which has changed so rapidly. What new force for the future can inspire hope in the same way that Fascism did so many years ago?


When one hears the word "Fascist" today, one thinks of Anti-semitism - it has become a dirty word in the post-war world. The British Union of Fascists rank and file in the thirties were not anti-semitic, although I will grant that some of the speakers were. The Leader of the BUF, Sir Oswald Mosley, had nothing against Jewish people and even had Jews in top Party positions! Sir Oswald was never interested in what a man had for a religion, what mattered, was this man dedicated to the Party? "Our duty was to hold together and develop a multi-racial Empire."

Sir Oswald Mosley was born to an aristocratic background in 1896, and was commissioned in the First World War, joining the 16th Lancers. Transferred to the Royal Flying Corps, becoming one of the first 60 pilots. During a flying accident he was badly injured in the leg, and was returned to the trenches. His leg wound had not healed, when he served in the battle of Loos, staying at his post until he passed out with the pain.

After WW1 Sir Oswald went into politics, serving both Conservative and Labour Parties. Until he formed his own "NEW PARTY" in 1930. Sir Oswald believed Britain was ready for a new modern party with new ideas, and travelled the country trying to gain support, but the NEW PARTY did not do so well at the polls. In 1931 he visited Scotland and addressed a hostile crowd. The crowd shouted "We´ll hang you from the Gallowgate, you traitor!" Things got really bad, there were 50 police in the hall and someone shouted "Send away the police, you dirty dog! Come outside and see what will happen!" Mosley smiled and replied " I never asked for police protection, I never asked for police protection in my life." Sir Oswald took a chair and went outside and sat in front of the angry crowd. He faced them and they respected his courage

It was in Scotland the following year, that an attack by the Jewish-dominated razor gangs of Glasgow´s Gorbals district, that changed Mosley´s political direction. A giant open air meeting was held on Glasgow Green, with a crowd of over 40,000 people. The NEW PARTY and police, were attacked by some 500 communists from Glasgow´s razor gangs.

On returning to London Mosley ordered the NEW PARTY Executive to meet. He had only one thing to say "We need no longer hesitate to create our trained and disiplined force, from today we are Fascist." On 1st October 1932, 32 founder members at an inaugural meeting in Great George Street, London, put on their black shirts for the first time. Sir Oswald Mosley, the Leader, unfolded a black banner with silver fasces, a motive symbolizing strength through unity. The British Union of Fascists was born! 


The BUF soon started to grow, and enjoyed the support of newspapers like the Daily Mail, with headlines " Hurrah for the Blackshirts". The BUF had huge rallies some of which were a great success, Albert Hall in 1934 for example, with over 10,000 supporters. Although they did not do so well at Olympia in the same year. Mosley recruited amongst others, Neil Francis Hawkins from the BRITISH FASCISTI, bringing 60% of the party with him to swell the ranks of the BUF. Sir Malcom Cambell, famous for the world land speed record, joined the BUF JANUARY CLUB, and Cambell´s car Bluebird carried the lightning flash and circle, the insignia of the BUF as it´s badge. 

A brilliant orator joined the Party called William Joyce and was placed in charge of propaganda. Joyce it should be remembered, broadcast for Nazi Germany in WW2, and became known as Lord Haw-Haw. Joyce left the BUF in 1937 to form-up the NATIONAL SOCIALIST LEAGUE, Joyce thought that Mosley´s BUF were not anti-semitic enough. The NSL did not have much support. Mosley tried to get the leader of the IMPERIAL FASCIST LEAGUE, Arnold Leese, to form a union of parties, but Leese, like Joyce, thought that Mosley´s BUF were too soft on Jews.

1935 saw major changes in the party, with Hawkins becoming Mosley´s second in command. Some of the early high society support had fallen away by this time, but the party could boast a BUF Flying Club, a Womans Drum Corps, Sports groups and even a small childrens group called the "Blackshirt Pippins". The BUF did not take part in the 1935 elections, and went under the slogan "Fascism next time".


In the Spring of 1936 the BUF was renamed BRITISH UNION OF FASCISTS AND NATIONAL SOCIALISTS. But the title was not often used, and was shortened to BRITISH UNION or BU. One of many famous people in Mosley´s circle, was King Edward VIII. When he was forced to abdicate, the Blackshirts campaigned and built up support for the King. After the abdication Mosley said " He had no enthusiam for the job and in any case you cannot continue fighting for a man who will not fight for himself." (Hitler said that Mosley missed his greatest chance to take power by force, and demonstrated poor political judgement) But Mosley intended to stay within the law until he was in power and could then change the laws.


The open air meeting was held at Corporation Fields, in Hull. The trouble had developed before the arrival of the Blackshirts, making a meeting almost impossible. Blackshirts were hit by a hail of bricks and Mosley´s car was hit by at least one bullet, smashing a car window. The place was swarming with communists. One of the Blackshirt leaders, Peter Whittam, at the height of the battle shouted " This can´t go on, get your bloody belts off!" which they did, and used them in self defence against the red assailants.

The Chief Constable advised Mosley that the meeting should be brought to a halt. Mosley agreed and jumped off the coal cart he had been using as a speakers platform and arranged for the departure. Many of the younger Blackshirts were frightened, with hundreds screaming for their blood, they were surrounded. Mosley realised this and placed his hand on the shoulder of one of his men, and asked "Which direction do we have to go?" A hand signal pointed the way. "Right" he said "Start marching in that direction and I promise you, that provided you show no fear, that the crowd will open up and let us through. I know that you can do it, and don´t forget that I am behind you." Both men nodded to each other, and Mosley said "Now", and the Blackshirts moved off in ranks of three, and the crowd parted.

There was still one or two minor battles and the marchers had to be reformed, but the worst was behind them. They carried off their wounded, some 21 Blackshirts. They had managed to inflict over 100 of their assailants with injuries. J. Holmes.the police inspector, said "The Fascists were not to blame, as nothing was said or done to provoke the crowd." The police collected the weapons that the communists had left on the field after the battle. They included raw potatoes studded with razor blades, thick socks filled with glass, bicycle chains and wooden clubs with nails.


One of the biggest myths of Cable Street is that the whole of London´s Stepney rose up as one and stopped the Fascists, using the slogan "They shall not pass". In reality the Fascist march was redirected and the clash was between police and communist razor gangs bussed in from all parts of the country for the event. A Jewish criminal gang under Jack Spot was also arrested that day, but not a single Fascist! In fact although there were clashes early in the day with Fascists, none of the Blackshirts were in, or near Cable Street. 

Mosley decided to have a massed rally to mark the forth anniversary of the founding of the party, and several previous meetings had gone through with little opposition. In fact the party enjoyed a large amount of support in London´s East End, too much support according to some. Communist supporters arrived very early by bus, some from as far away as Glasgow. The first Fascists assembled at 1.25 p.m. and were attacked by 500 reds, and an hour later there were some 2500 anti-fascists demonstrators in the Aldgate area. The main group of Blackshirts had formed up in Royal Mint Street, and included women and cadet members, and four bands.

The Commisioner of Police, Sir Philip Game, whose headquarters had been set up near Tower Hill, had a force of 6000 police and the entire mounted division. Sir Philip thought the trouble would be so great, and that his men would not be able to keep the communist and fascist groups apart, banned the march from taking the planned route. Some 500 St. John Ambulance men were on duty, and the first Blackshirts had been taken to hospital with head injuries from chair legs wrapped with barbed wire, the wounded were Baily, Higgott and Moore.

The communists barracaded all the streets leading into Cable Street, it looked like a battlefield from the Spanish civil-war. There were running battles with the police all day, with the police making several baton charges, and the situation only came under control when the mounted division charged the crowd pushing them back. Paving stones were torn up and broken into size, to serve as ammunition, broken glass was spread on the roads to injure the police horses. Reds were singing "The Red Flag" and the "International". Police arrested some 70 to 80 anti-fascists.

A former Royal Navy boxer, and Blackshirt Leader, Tommy Moran was one of the early arrivals. He was in the thick of the fighting which had started a few hours before. Tommy went down from a blow on the head with a chair leg wrapped in barbed wire. He got up blood pouring from an open wound, and put down his opponents. With his head bandaged, Moran went to join Mosley who was due to arrive at Royal Mint Street.

Mosley arrived in a black sports car with Blackshirt motorcycle escort. The Blackshirts started shouting out the letters "M.O.S.L.E.Y. we want Mosley" Sir Oswald Mosley reviewed the troops lining the road, with the bands playing the Blackshirt song ( sung to the tune of the Horst Wessel Song). He then had a long talk with his Staff Officer, Tommy Moran. Sir Oswald now met Sir Philip and it was agreed that the Blackshirts would march into the West End, and apart from a few people calling out, not much happened to them.

After the parade on the Embankment, many Blackshirts made their way to the BUF National Headquarters, the Black House, in Great Smith Street. Sir Oswald Mosley spoke to them from an upstairs window. "We never surrender. We shall triumph over the parties of corruption because our faith is stronger tham their faith, our will is stronger than their will, and within us the flame that shall light this country, and shall later light the world."

Ten days later the BUF marched through the East End effectively, without any confrontation.

In the March 1937 London elections, the BUF polled almost 25% of the East End vote!

There was an unanounced march, but people knew Mosley was coming and the crowd shouted out "Good old Mosley." When on his way to Limehouse he was told he could not march, "Very well" he said "then we will walk" and the crowd followed him.


At the start of 1937 political uniforms were abolished in Britain, which was a shame as it had always increased the appeal to the party. It was designed to damage the Blackshirts, and the Blackshirts alone, be that as it my, the marches and meetings continued. As war came near at the end of the thirties, Mosley campaigned more and more against the coming war. Saying we had no quarrel with Germany, so long as she left our Empire and interests intact. Two months before the war, Mosley held the largest indoor meeting ever held in pre-war Britain. The faithful gathered to hear Sir Oswald speak at Earl´s Court in London, the cry went out "Mosley..Mosley...Mosley" as the standards entered the hall, to the sound of the Drum Corps.

"To the dead heroes of Britain, in sacred union, we say: Like you we give ourselves to England-across the ages that divide us-across the glories of Britain that unite us-we gaze into your eyes and we give you this holy vow-we will be true-today-tomorrow-and for ever-England Lives."

Then a roll on the drums and a searchlight shone down centre of the huge hall, and there stood Sir Oswald in a black shirt and tie. Cheers and shouting, the crowd stood, as Sir Oswald marched alone down the hall towards the front. The man who wanted to take Britain and the Empire to even greater heights than they had ever known, or thought possible. He had to stop speaking because the crowd were cheering too loud for him to be heard. He waited a few minutes, then he could continue. He told the people that a war with Germany would be a "Brothers War", and it would not serve Britains interest to go to war with Germany. It will destroy the Empire, see the end of Britain´s greatness, and see the rise of Communism in a post-war Europe, how right he was. 


"To our members my message is plain and clear. Our country is involved in war. Therefore I ask you to do nothing to injure our country, or help any other power. Our members should do what the law requires of them, and if they are members of any of the forces or services of the Crown, they should obey their orders, and, in particular, obey the rules of their service.... We have said a hundred times that if the life of Britain were threatened we would fight again..."

Young Blackshirts fought for their country under the motto "My country, right or wrong".

Mosley continued to campaign for a negotiated peace. This was something that Hitler had offered on many occasions. Britain claimed to be fighting for Poland, but this hypocrisy was exposed two weeks later when the Soviet Union attacked eastern Poland, and Britain did nothing against Russia. Mosley opposed the war on the grounds that no British interest was served by intervening in Germany´s quarrel with Poland. Was Poland simply the pretext for having a war with the hated Nazis? Mosley thought so.


A week before the war, Britain had given a "blank cheque" guarantee to a provocative Polish government. Britain was sure that a quarrel between Germany and Poland would lead to war. They also thought that the mere threat of war would bring about the collapse of Germany, and that the German people would raise up as one against Adolf Hitler. The newspapers from 1939-1940 were full of "signs" of German collapse, for example, the Germans must be starving because they are forced to eat black bread, they are still eating the same black bread today! When it was clear that the Germans would not overthrow Hitler from within, the government realised it would have to fight a "real" war, but they did not have a war plan! So sure was Britain that Hitler´s own people would overthrow him.

Britain declared war on Germany on 3rd September 1939, without any clear idea of how the war would be fought, the people were not consulted and most did not want war. The French dragged their feet, only joining in six hours later after intense diplomatic pressure from Britain. Sir Oswald Mosley continued to campaign for a negotiated peace, and he had huge support. It was obvious that a "Brothers War" with Germany would lead to national bankruptcy and an end to the British Empire, even in 1938! Mosley said so.

Those Blackshirts in the armed forces or government service, were ordered to continue to do their duty. The first British casualties were ten airmen shot down over the Kiel Canal attacking the German fleet. Two of them were Blackshirts serving as air-gunners. Kenneth Day aged 20, was buried with full military honours by the German Luftwaffe. Whilst the other air-gunner, George Brocking aged 22, has no known grave. Both need not have been on the raid because they were RAF ground crew, but volunteered to be air-gunners for the mission.

Mosley continued to campaign for peace, so long as that included that British interests would remain safe and the Empire left whole. Hitler continued to offer peace with honour, and he said he had no claims on the British Empire, as the Reich was looking eastwards. Now with the Polish Campaign ended, which had never affected British interests, the British government were having trouble building enthusiasm for an unwanted war. The last thing they needed was a group of Blackshirts winning support for a negotiated peace! 

Early in 1940 the Labour Party had a conference at Bournmouth, it was decided that a coalition government under Churchill would only be considered if Mosley and his Blackshirts were put in prison. Churchill agreed, and at the same time wished to silence opposition and intimidate peace supporters, now that things were going badly on the War front.


The government passed Regulation 18b, which was rushed through Parliament, and allowed the Home Secretary to jail anyone he wished, without being convicted of a crime, or even accused of a crime! But no acts of disloyalty could be proved against any member of the British Union of Fascists. Some 1200 British subjects, 800 of them Blackshirts, were arrested and placed in camps and prisons. Some of the special built camps were unknown to the International Red Cross, one example being Camp 020 at Ham Common under MI5 control, used to get information through psychological torture and solitary confinement. Other camps were on the Isle of Man.

The Blackshirts had no contact to family or friends, some of them stayed in the camps until the war ended. Some of the camps housed German and Italian civilians too. One German woman had escaped from Germany before the war and found herself as a refugee in Britain at the start of the war. She was put into a camp as a "hostile alien" and said that the conditions in British camps were far worse than what she had endured in Dachau!

Several Blackshirts were arrested serving in the Home Guard, or returning from Dunkirk as members of the armed forces! One victim returned with his yacht full of soldiers he had rescued on the Dunkirk beaches, with the police waiting for him! Not only were Blackshirts arrested and placed in concentration camps on the Isle of Man, but they were deprived of their pensions during the years of their detentions, without ever being charged with a crime.

The British government had to justify the mass arrests, and this was done by spreading propaganda about "fifth columnists" and German parachutist dressed as nuns looking for contacts once they had landed. The British Union of Fascists and the Party newspaper were banned. Democracy and free speech was dead in Britain for the duration of the war.


The government set up an advisory committee to consider appeals against internment in a British Concentration Camp. This committee had no real power and was appointed by the government. One of it´s members was a real post-war traitor, Anthony Blunt. It is interesting to note that of the 800 files held on the Blackshirt detainees, only 18 files remain today. The rest were destroyed at the end of the war (at first it was said they were missing), they were considered of no historical interest by the post-war government. It would seem that someone was embarrassed by the internment of innocent Blackshirts.

Sir Oswald Mosley was interviewed by the Chairman of the Committee, Mr Justice Birkett.

SIR OSWALD: "There appear to be two grounds for detaining us- a suggestion that we are traitors who would take up arms and fight with the Germans if they landed, and that our propaganda undermines the civilian morale."

MR. BIRKETT: "Speaking for myself, you can entirely dismiss the first suggestion."

SIR OSWALD: "Then I can only assume that we have been detained because of our campaign in favour of a negotiated peace."

MR.BIRKETT: "Yes, Sir Oswald, that is the case." 


The internment was carried out in the Empire too. In Canada Chuck Crate and his Canadian Union of Fascists were put into detention camps, and their newspaper "Thunderbolt" was banned. In the Falkland Islands Jeffrey Hamm was arrested by the Falkland Islands Defence Force, and after a few months detention, was sent to South Africa and placed in a internment camp. Hamm soon made friends with German and Italian civilians in the camp, and took part in digging an escape tunnel, but before the tunnel was complete, he was released by the governor and sent to Britain in April 1941.

The Scotsman, Lord Erroll, lived in Kenya and was a dedicated Blackshirt, who was often in Britain before the war, taking part in Party meetings. Lord Erroll was involved with leading establishment figures, and knew all about a scheme to bring about a negotiated peace with Germany. The British government wanted him silenced and the details to die with him. An S.O.E. group was sent from Cairo for "Operation Highland Clearence". A jealous husband was accused of the murder, but unsurprisingly, Sir Jock Broughton was cleared of the Crime.


Several members of the Blackshirts went underground when the arrests started. In 1941, Claude Duvivier was arrested in Exeter, and William Crowle in Plymouth. At about the same time, William Swift and Marie Ingram were captured in Portsmouth.William Joyce, (who had left the BUF in 1937) escaped to Germany before he could be arrested. A German source states that Mary Allen, the founder of the Womens Volunteer Police and Blackshirt, had escaped to Germany and went to work for Himmler. This is clearly not true as she is on the list of internees in Britain. Arnold Leese, the leader of the Imperial Fascist League, escaped, only to return home and see a policeman bending over, going through a cupboard drawer in Leese´s bedroom, Leese could not resist kicking him in the pants!

About a dozen Blackshirts served Germany during the war, it should be noted that most of them had only been BUF members for a short time, the two longest serving members being MacLardy, who had been a District Secretary, and William Joyce, who had left the party in 1937. Eric Pleasants, who went to the Channel Islands when war broke out as a conscientious objector, and not only served in the British Free Corps, but was the only British subject to be captured by the Russians in Berlin and later find himself in a Soviet Gulag. William Joyce and Francis Maton, were also members of the NSDAP, with Joyce being awarded the War Merit Cross First Class in September 1944, with a signed certificate from Adolf Hitler. 

No link between the BFC and the BUF.

I have noticed during my research that some historians have tried to find a link between the pre-war British Union of Fascists and the wartime British Free Corps, I have found none. In fact only four members of the BUF served directly in the British Free Corps, from a total of some 60 volunteers that passed through the unit, making the total less than 7%, when one considers that a large amount of BFC volunteers would have been Labour or Conservative supporters, then the Fascist members would have been nothing other than the national average in pre-war Britain.

Sir Oswald Mosley demanded that "Britons must fight for Britain only", And that they should do nothing to injure their country or help any foreign power. Clearly these former BUF members went against their leaders wishes.

The British Fascisti


“The Rise of British Fascism”


Although Sir Oswald Mosley (1896-1980), our patron saint, is the one who essentially set the foundations for our particular movement, the one who created the “British Union of Fascists” (BUF), our predecessor, and essentially dominates the sphere of British Fascism. The true roots of British Fascism lies with a discredited native of London, Rotha Lintorn-Orman (1895-1935). She was born “Rotha Beryl Orman” to Major Charles Edward Orman, and founded the “British Fascisti” or “British Fascists” in 1923, two years after Benito Mussolini formed the “National Fascist Party”, a party that ruled Italy from 1922 until Mussolini's ousting in 1943. Amongst the members of the “British Fascisti” were William 'Lord Haw-Haw' Joyce (1906-1946), an avid fascist and Nazi propaganda broadcaster, Neil Hawkins (1903-1950), who later played an important role in the “British Union of Fascists”, Charles Knight (1900-1968), an English spy and broadcaster and lastly, Arnold Leese (1878-1956).


The formation of the “British Fascisti” was born out of the fear of the left wing, the detested communists, who were a threatening force during this time. Orman had a right to fear the left wing, she published an article in The Patriot, which aimed at seeking out anti-communists, and through this her party was forged. During the time she formed the “British Fascisti” the “Third Communist International” or “Comintern” was under way. The “Comintern” was founded by Vladimir Lenin on the 2nd of March 1919 and was purposed at spreading communism on an International scale, infecting the mind's of the people. Similar to Mosley, Orman served during the First World War. She served with the “Women's Ambulance Reserve”, and was decorated for her contributions to the war effort, in particular that of her assistance during the Great Thessaloniki Fire of 1917, a fire that destroyed a considerable amount of Thessaloniki, one of the largest city's in Greece.

Rotha Lintorn-Orman admired Benito Mussolini, and attached herself to Fascism. Although she was essentially a conservative in spirit, with an anti-communist agenda. Her party ran into problems, she personally worked within the law and clung on to the Conservative Party, as a result the “British Fascisti” was not advancing and made little progress. Many defected to splinter groups such as the “Imperial Fascist League” and the “British Union of Fascists”, under Mosley. Orman considered Mosley to be close to a communist and protested that she would not join the BUF. Most of her membership defected to the BUF, and in 1935, after falling ill in 1933 and succumbing to a lifestyle of vices, including drug taking, the excessive consumption of alcohol and promiscuous behaviour, she died in the Canary Islands at only forty years of age.

To conclude, it is perfectly sound to utter the view that Rotha Lintorn-Orman was overshadowed by Sir Oswald Mosley, and wasn't given the full credit that she truly deserved. However, it is important to recognise that Rotha Lintorn-Orman was the one that sparked the flame, and it was Mosley who carried the flame that we, the British people, now bear today.

Never forget the origins of our prosperous, civilised, and glorious political ideology, Fascism.

William Mitford

NBU Education Officer

The Spirit of the True Fascist:

“Words from Mitford”

One who truly believes in our struggle, will persist. One who abides by our creed and sticks to our dogma will succeed. Persistence leads to success, which leads to progression, and progression leads to the ultimate end, succession. Simply saying you are a 'Fascist' will not suffice, you must act. This century, the 'century of the Fascist', will see the end to our struggle, the end of corruption, and the end to the government that currently reigns over the masses of Great Britain. Fascism has been embedded in our soil, in our land, since the early twentieth century, it has become a part of us, the British people. The seeds have been sown! It is down to us, the revolutionaries, to accommodate the germination of our organism, the germination of British Fascism.

The fight has only just begun! We are the foot soldiers of Fascism, we are the followers of Sir Oswald Mosley, and united we stand. We are driven. We are efficient and we are dedicated. A new age has been forged, a prosperous future is ahead. The twenty first century benefits a movement like ours immensely, we now have technology, in particular that of the Internet, at our disposal. Although propaganda may be streamed off the Internet, and spread effectively, we must do more, we must do more to increase public awareness of the 'New British Union of Fascists'.

Ask yourself this question, comrades. Are you doing your bit, are you doing enough to promote the NBU? Or are you claiming to be a fascist in name, but not in substance.

Spread the word, spread our message. This is the character of the true revolutionary. Plaster bulletin boards, decorate the streets with our posters. Raise awareness. Promote the 'New British Union'.

William Mitford

NBU Education Officer

The Salute

“The Roman Salute”


The Nazi salute. The Fascist salute. A salute which provokes racial hatred, and a salute which can get you arrested. Correct? Yes, these labels are all correct. However, it is important to understand the origin of such a gesture. It is highly likely that you have overheard someone referring to the salute, or extension of your right arm, with your fingers close together, as the Nazi salute, or perhaps you have even called it that yourself? The so-called “Nazi salute” has its origins in Ancient Rome. The “Roman salute” was adopted by the Fascist powers during the 1920s and has existed for thousands of years. The most significant reason for the adoption of such a gesture by the Fascist powers, Mussolini and Fascist Italy in particular, is that it symbolised the “decisive spirit” of the fascist man, similar to the “spirit” which lived on in Ancient Rome. Further to this, it is essential to understand that Fascism as a political concept linked closely to that of Ancient Rome, they both share key fundamental concepts, and you could even go as far as to say Ancient Rome was a Fascist state.


Interestingly, Communism had its own salute or gesture, the “clenched first”. A symbol which still lives on today, and is a clear representation of Communism as a whole, a hated ideology. During the early twentieth century, when Fascism became to prosper, as mentioned previously, Fascist Italy adopted the “Roman salute”. A salute which clearly differed to that of the Communist's, a salute which gave Fascism, a fairly new concept at this time, a sense of identity. The other Fascist powers, Nazi Germany under the rule of Adolf Hitler, Fascist Portugal under the reign of Antonio Salazar, and Fascist Britain with Sir Oswald Mosley, also adopted the salute. The “Roman salute” became a universal gesture for all Fascist aggressors and revolutionaries, and still lives on today.


In an interview in 1967, Sir Mosley was confronted with the same situation that I am writing about. The “Nazi salute”. He correctly said that it was a salute which had existed for thousands of years, and had been used by people for millennia.

There is a lot of stigma attached to this salute. Of course, this is expected. If one confronts you in regards to this salute, educate them. Educate them on the facts. Lecture the ignorant.

Shower those that despise us and label as Nazis with the sacred “Roman salute”.

William Mitford

NBU Education Officer

Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley


“His legacy lives on!”

Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley, an English baronet and avid Fascist, founded the “British Union of Fascists” (BUF) in 1932, a year before Adolf Hitler would become Chancellor of Germany, a man who Mosley admired. However, the BUF was dissolved in 1940 and Oswald was interned during the Second World War. It is important to understand some context in regards to the BUF. During the 1930s, Britain was in a fragile state, it's economic sphere was desecrated. The First World War, a war in which Mosley fought in, had drained Britain of her resources, however the primary factor for her weak position was the Great Depression of 1929, commonly known as the Wall Street Crash, which had a global affect, and had a profound influence on British politics and social aspects of society. Unemployment rose to an astonishing figure of 3.5 million people in 1932 and Britain's global trade fell by almost half, between the years 1929 and 1933. Fascism often occurs in times of turmoil, this is definitely evident with Mosley and also with Hitler, who rejuvenated Germany, reducing unemployment and attacking the despised Treaty of Versailles, a treaty which even Lloyd-George thought was too harsh, reviving the identity of Germany. A more modern example can be found in Greece. The infamous fascist party, known as “Golden Dawn” is currently the third most popular party in Greece, and it is highly probable that they will become the governing force. Presently at this time, Greece is in disarray, this was similar to the state of Britain during the late 20s to early 30s, a country which had to combat the rise in unemployment, the fall of industrial output, and general social discontent. These factors led to the birth of Mosley's party, a party who's ideology was practical and a party who's ideology held the nation at its heart.

Sir Mosley was firstly married to Viceroy Curzon's daughter, Cynthia. He married, secondly, Diana Mitford, an aristocrat, and one of the six eccentric and notorious Mitford sisters. This marriage forged close links to Fascism. You may be asking, why is this of importance? It is of paramount importance. His marriage to Diana Mitford, linked him directly to Unity Valkyrie Mitford, her sister. Unity Mitford was a passionate Fascist, she became friends with Adolf Hitler at the age of 19 and throughout her life up until 1940 she was in Hitler's inner circle, and attended the Nuremberg rallies, and official party events. Mosley admired how passionate Unity was about Fascism, but he deemed her as a liability, and essentially discarded her. Generally, the upper class favoured Fascism and found it appealing, it acted as a buffer against the disease that is Communism, a hated ideology in Britain, safeguarding their interests and status in society.

Sir Mosley frequently mentioned that we, the British people, have a “flame” and that we should “guard that flame”. This flame still lives on today. If it did not live on, then the “New British Union of Fascists” would not exist, and support for our cause would be non-existent. This is not the case, support for our party has increased and will continue to increase. In an interview in 1967, Mosley stated that his party was not in a state to take power at that time. The twenty first century is a time for us, a time for what the people want, a time for unity and a time for Fascism. We will be ready, we will be in a state to obtain power and we will combat our nation's problems.

My last line that I leave you with, “guard that sacred flame, my brother Blackshirts.” His legacy lives on, the time is now!

William Mitford

NBU Education Officer