Gary on The Daily Nationalist show

Sven Longshanks is joined by Gary Raikes of New British Union to talk about the organisation and Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists.


The BUF stand independents in parish and council elections, who once they get in try to do what they can to help White people. The party itself is anti-immigration and would stop all immigration immediately if it could, but spends most of it’s time dealing with issues at the local level. They don’t get involved in demonstrations, but provide information and guidance to members who are seeking to become a patriotic influence in their community. Gary has been involved in Nationalism since the seventies and later realised that Oswald Mosley had been badly slandered by the British government and set out to try and clear his name.


In the second half of the podcast Gary talks about why the BUF failed after the war and why regulation 18B was used to imprison the leading members during the war itself. He also talks about the common misconception of what Mosley’s European super state was to be like. He saw sovereign nations with their elected leaders at a European parliament, not a supra-national non elected-committee holding sovereignty that would be controlled by the bankers like the EU is today. He also talks about Mosley’s enthusiasm for technology and how it could be harnessed for pro-White endeavours.


NBU Youth are holding a meeting in the Manchester area on 10th Feb please contact for info






TEL 0208 529 1879

Resistance Radio interview The Leader

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Leader talks on NSM Radio

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Comrades, please welcome the new officer for Wales and West, Oliver Bates.


"I have joined the NBU in order to help restore the faith and understanding of British fascism, I am a political science student and activist. I grew up on an estate in south London but now live in the forest of Dean, I am from a military background and hope to continue the tradition through the royal navy. Fellow Blackshirts, "remember tradition, reject degeneracy. Hail Mosley."




Over the last few years, the ever-rapid degeneration of the very fabric of our society has triggered a panic within me; only the literature of Oswald Mosley was able to somewhat quell it, assuring me that a solution did indeed exist to the afflictions of our nation. But although the medicine had been created to abate the spread of the cancer eating away at the West, it had not and has not yet been administered - hence my passion to get involved with the New British Union.


Aside from politics, I study mathematics at University, and my hobbies include musical composition, video editing and writing.



We have sold a lot of flags lately and thought it would be a good idea to have a 'Fly your flag' feature on the website and in the next issue of 'The Blackshirt'. If you have bought a flag take a photo holding it in front of a landmark and send it to lets see if we can get pictures from across the UK and beyond! This pic was taken of the Leader at Edinburgh castle.

We are happy to announce the appointment of our new NBU Youth Leader, a young man who has been actively involved with NBU for some time as "our man in Greece". He sent this statement;

I am Vassilis Spiliopoulos. Currently I am a high school student in Greece and my field of study is biochemistry. Although my country is threatened by many antifa groups, I am trying to educate fellow citizens about British Fascism and the dangers of mass and uncontrolled immigration. I am a Protestant Christian and I believe my church should be represented better in Greece.But unfortunately money went to Muslims... It is my great honour to have the responsibility of being the officer of the youth wing of the New British Union of Fascists. My main affiliation with Britain is the fact that many family members of mine are UK or subjects of Canada. I believe in a united European youth against communism and massive immigration.Such a union will protect all the white Europeans from assimilation to hostile cultures and people.

There are still some people who don't understand how NBU operates, many seem to be unable to get out of the political rut they are in. When you join NBU don't ask what we can do for you but rather what you can do for the movement. As the war criminal Blair once said "education, education, education".


We have eighty years of lies to breakthrough and the only way we will do that is by taking the truth to the people. As a movement that is against the political party system and its sham of democracy we are not going to be standing in elections as a party. We want to build a movement of the people for the people, and it is the people that should stand in elections. Stand as independent candidates under the NBU slogan 'People not politicians'. Our fight is with the political elite, the liberal PC idealists, the corrupt out of touch rich politicians that have bought our country down so low.


A recent poll showed that over 40% of voters will not vote as they see all parties as being the same, that nothing will change no matter who they vote for. These are the people we have to reach with our message, vote for people not politicians and build a New British Union.

New British Union is a union of all nationalists and patriots, here in Scotland we are holding a unity meeting between five different groups starting the process of coming together under the banner of British Fascism, this will be known as 'The Perth Agreement' full details of which I look forward to reporting to you at a later date.


The march of British Fascism has started and will not be turned back.


Gary Raikes

The call to build a real peoples army has resulted in a unity meeting taking place in Scotland. Organisers from RWR, BNP, SDL, and BM will be meeting with NBU leader Gary Raikes to discuss working together under the flash and circle of British fascism. The outcome of these talks in Scotland will pave the way for similar meetings across the UK. This is the first step in removing the dead hand of the old guard that is preventing progress and change in the movement. Patriots demand unity, it is up to us all to deliver it or get out of the way of those that will.




Over the last five years the NBU has been working to establish a movement of 'people not politicians' in doing so we have avoided the ballot box by only standing members as independent candidates and concentrating solely on local issue politics. The next step is to build this movement into the real 'people’s army' to represent all those not represented by the political elites puppets.


Like any army we must be disciplined we must accept order and above all we must understand the meaning of loyalty and respect. The love of Queen and country is paramount as is supporting our armed forces defending tradition and our culture.


The NBU army must differ from our opponents who are against all these things, the very things that make us British. The real thugs will be exposed as being on the left, the mask wearing rioter is a product of liberalism not fascism.


It is time for patriots from all groups to come under the 'Flash and Circle' of British Fascism, the ballot box is closed, unorganised marches and rowdy demonstrations gain absolutely nothing. We have been abandoned by politicians and it has become clear that we will have to defend our folk and kin, our way of life, the British way of life for ourselves.


This will require training, education and above all discipline. To this end we have no need of any of the old guard, their time has been and gone, they have let you down time after time and will continue to do so. Those that cannot or will not understand the NBU are of no use to this young movement, if they cannot embrace New Fascism they should be left in the past playing their petty party political games.


Blackshirt cells will develop into Blackshirt units in every village, town and city in the UK. We will respect Law and Order, we will be organised and structured, we will have discipline and we will be ready to defend our people. A new way for a new century, New British Union.

Its time to take your place in the ranks of the 21st century Blackshirts, it is time to raise an army.


Gary Raikes


To help us in this task please donate if you can, thank you.

I attended the Yorkshire Nationalist Forum in Bradford last Saturday, 1st April. I had not intended to go but Gary Raikes asked me to go in his place as he could not attend with what had happened a day earlier. A 'credible threat' had been made and Gary decided, this time, to support his wife rather than attend the meeting 400 miles away .

At the meeting, I wasn't expecting a lot other than a load of old men talking about the good old days and the finer points on political matters, but I was wrong. There was a very wide age range of activists there and in representation. The old gang there would acknowledge they had failed over the past 40 years but were very open to new ideas or to listen to new ideas of ways forward. This came very apparent when I later came to find out who the speakers were. I feel I had attended a very special edition of the forum this month although I had been asked to cover my black shirt and 'flash and circle' patch!!

The whole session of talks will be on video, YouTube, soon, so I will not try and repeat what was said and try and do as good a job. The first speaker talked about how popular fascism was in Yorkshire in the 1930's where 10,000's would turn out to fascist meets. I was second speaker but only to read out Gary's statement. In the statement there was criticism of the BNP's former MEP's. Only after I had sat down later that I realised that it was Andrew Brons MEP sat at the front! And he had questioned me about whether I really thought that the MEP's had done no good. (Apart from lining their own pockets and splitting the BNP no they did no good….Editor)

The other two speakers down to talk were Kevin Layzall and Alex Davies who I had never heard of and were not properly introduced. Only that evening, while doing some research, I found out what serious activists they are. Although National Action is 'no more' having been banned, I doubt these two will be going into retirement anytime soon. Alex gave a excellent talk, as he has a reputation for, I have since found out. His speeches are 'full-on', no quiet periods and all without notes. His speeches are known to be entertaining.

Towards the end, someone did ask, 'So what are we going to do?' I could easily have stood up, gone back to the stand and spoke. I would not have dared to reveal all my ideas, I love to see daylight too much. One step would be the closing down of Halal, total closure. Halal slaughter has no place in our Christian lands. The meat factories, the haulage and the shops dealing with it would come under our activision. How would our Liberal-Thugs go about it, how would we go about it if we had the thuggish mentality of these Reds? What would happen if a sector of the people of these lands were denied their Halal meat?


Clive Jones, NBU Officer for North England.

13th Yorkshire Forum


Evening Social

Saturday 1st April 2017



Meeting to take place in Bradford South area, starting at 1.00pm


Your speakers for the day are:



Alex Davies The Strongest Man Is Mightiest Alone - Reappraising Nationalist unity


Kevin Layzell Activism for the 2010's and beyond


Gary Raikes Mosley - The man of his day and today


Stephen Frost Black Shirts in Yorkshire



There will be the usual buffet and raffle. Entrance fee is £10.00. Attendees aged 26 and under have free entry.


Speakers' traveling expenses are reimbursed and overnight accommodation can in some cases be provided for speakers. Yorkshire Forum always welcomes new speakers. Please contact us if you would like to speak at any future meetings.


Important note. Due to recent Antifa disruption of Forum events elsewhere in the country, we will for the foreseeable future use different venues. To maximize security, a redirection point will be used.

The RV point will be operational from 11.00am till 12.00 noon. Please do not be late. The RV point will only be made known on the morning of the day's meeting from 9.00am onward (see contact details below).


For those traveling some distance, be sure to be in Bradford area by about 10.00am


A "Park and Ride" system will operate which will be applicable to those traveling by their own transport. Private vehicles will be left near the RV point and all attendees will take a local bus service to the final destination. This way, people will not get lost or separated. It is highly advisable for all attendees on the day to purchase a Metro Day Ticket (this costs £6.00) from bus driver.


For further details or queries, telephone Liam on (01274) 604358 land line, or (07876) 383636 mobile

We are happy to announce the appointment of our new NBU Youth Officer, Tom Atkins, a youth facepage will be up and running shortly.























Tom is already being sent contact details of under 18 year olds interested in the movement and told us earlier; "I am 16 years of age I live in Scotland, Oswald Mosley is my idol I'm straight to the point and down to earth. I have great people skills I also am not afraid to speak my mind I can convince people to listen to what I am saying I believe a fascist state in Britain is the best and only option to make Britain great again and I will take great honour in helping the NBU with any and all needs."

Original leader of Pediga UK and well known supporter of various patriotic groups Tim Scott announced today that he has joined the New British Union and embraced British Fascism. Tim will be acting as NBU recruitment Officer as well as helping out with security and training.






Tim's statement;


I have come to the conclusion that the NBU is the way forward for unity and our way of life. My self being against the class system and the political elite I find the NBU has the right path and a concrete structure of which too carry out our vision of a safe and prosperous country for our future and our children’s future. I am ex-military and have travelled the world working and as a volunteer to help others and I fully understand other cultures and ways of life but all that being said I truly believe we deserve our way of life and our culture along with our fantastic history to be promoted back into our life’s.


We have been brainwashed and walked into a liberal neo-communist state of self-hate and disrespect towards anyone who is proud of our country, I find this very dangerous for our future as a country and more importantly for our children’s future. The liberal elite like to keep us busy with political correctness and other communist methods all renamed with modern terms to keep us patriots at bay. I myself have faced discrimination and violence for years for my patriotic views and for being a veteran of this great country I will not let our light burn out we hold something the elite do not have and it’s a common love and respect for our country and way of life.


The NBU gives the working class a chance again in a patriotic movement more smart and more to the point, and for me I fully understand there is a problem with the likes of Islam I have for years also understood the elite use this for self-gain and as a tool and in return the working class stay quiet and out the way as such like a side track at the same time the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and by any human-being standard’s this is not a good future for the working class people of the UK.


My conclusion is, and as I have done for a long time, is to support the NBU in any future activities they carry out and I ask anyone who is sceptical of British Fascism to research outside of main stream media and look into it with an open mind and also ask yourself why the elite fear British fascism and you will find the answer is simple British fascism is for the people not the political elite.


I fully support Gary Raikes and the team in a well disciplined and professional movement for the people of this country, and it is a natural step for a veteran like myself to progress to. I would ask

anyone who has followed me to read the NBU website fully and understand the history of British Fascism. The NBU membership is free and for me this is leading by example and it shows this movement is for the true hard-working people of this country who suffer at the hands of the elite.


Tim Scott